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Eternal life to PT and PVEM. Contragolpe with Luis Eduardo Velázquez Chico.

Hello #SectorFM community , we share with you Contragolpe segment broadcast on last Wednesday, January 31, with the journalist and general director of the news portal , Luis Eduardo Velázquez Chico, about eternal life to the PT and PVEM, the real estate projects in CDMX with high water consumption and the return of bullfighting. The introductory text and links are at your disposal so that you can listen to our podcast whenever you want. I hope you can share this work, that helps us a lot to continue making quality content.


FM Sector Editorial

Thursday February 1, 2024

Contragolpe was broadcast on on January 31, 2024

Listen to it here:

In this podcast you will hear three important topics in Mexico City, the return of bullfighting to the Plaza de Toros, the real estate projects developed in different parts of the Capital with high water consumption, in the midst of a water crisis that affects the inhabitants of CDMX, and the eternal life that the political parties PT and PVEM will enjoy from their alliance with the party in power, Morena.

The journalist Luis Eduardo Velázquez Chic, director of the news portal , links bullfighting issues and real estate projects, with names of powerful influential businessmen in the high political spheres of the Country's Capital.

The also a lawyer explains the meaning of eternal life to the PT and PVEM, political parties allied with Morena, while affirming that with this, these political institutes will not worry, in the next elections, about obtaining the necessary votes to maintain the registry, because of they will receive help from Morena.

Listen to the auditory column Contragolpe now and leave your comments and opinions in the spaces dedicated for this.

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