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Salvatore Hasard, when musical quality is international

Hello #SectorFM community , we share an interview with the multi-instrumentalist musician Salvatore Hazard on April 18, 2024. You will soon be able to listen to the audio of this talk at . The introductory text and links are at your disposal so that you can listen to our podcast whenever you want. I hope you can share this work, that helps us a lot to continue making quality content.


FM Sector Editorial

May 2024

There is no doubt that you can find talent in places you don't imagine. During a trip aboard a cruise ship, I came across an extraordinary musician, who plays covers as well as makes his own music.

During a couple of shows titled Life is music, Salvatore Hasard captivated all of us who had the opportunity to be present, because the care of his voice, the execution of the instruments, the interaction with the public and the coordination of teamwork with the the rest of the musicians who accompanied him are a reflection of the dedication of so many years on the arduous path of love for music.

In the show by Chilean musician Salvatore Hasard, songs that we all know are heard, rock is performed with neatness and with rigorous zeal to provide a musical experience where the creations that have been the soundtrack of our lives are respected and honored.

As a multi-instrumentalist musician, Hasard composes his own songs and shares them with the public in his live performances and on his streaming platforms, songs that are always welcome, as the manufacturing is of the highest quality.

In this interview you will meet a Chilean who has opted for music in English, he does not leave aside his roots, however, Anglo-Saxon lyrics have always captivated Hasard, "I always liked the more American and British shows." "That's why at an early age I flew in search of doing more international shows," said the artist in an interview for .

This is a pleasant talk in which you will meet a complete musician who generates a unique energy on stage, with an enviable vocal quality and a natural talent for instrumental performance.

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