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Uncontrolled jealousy from a psychological point of view

#SectorFM community we share Mental Health with psychologist Luis Carlos Martínez Reynoso that was broadcast on on Tuesday, January 30, 2024 with the topic Jealousy. The introductory text and links are at your disposal so that you can listen to our podcast whenever you want. I hope you can share this work, that helps us a lot to continue making quality content.


FM Sector Editorial

Tuesday January 30, 2024

Mental Health with the theme “Jealousy”, was broadcast on on January 30, 2024

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That jealousy that we all have! They are part of human nature, in addition to being a complex emotional response that can have several functions in people's lives.

The Mexican psychologist Luis Carlos Martínez Reynoso specified that jealousy can act as an incentive to improve in certain aspects of life and that it can arise as an adaptive response to situations in which there is a real threat to the relationship.

The expert in couples therapy pointed out that although they can have adaptive functions in certain contexts, it is important to manage them in a healthy way since excessive or unreasonable jealousy can lead to conflicts and tensions in relationships and lead to jealousy, which is a delusional disorder that can require psychiatric intervention.

Delve into this podcast and learn in detail how to identify if what you feel is just jealousy or you are reaching jealousy.


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Psychologist Karla Selene 55 31 96 99 99

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